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Frequently Asked Questions

What style of tattoo do you do?

I do black and grey realism.

Where are you based?

I'm based in Toronto, Canada.

I want a tattoo, but not sure what, could you help me?

I got you! As long as you have one subject or a general theme or style of what you want, I could always work of that. 

Can I see the sketch or design before the session?

Normally, I send out the design (which would be a photo compilation/edits since redrawing existing photos consume a lot of time and that way I would be able to retain as many details as possible.) around 3-7 days prior to our session. Changes would be done through email if there are any.

Do you do a cover-up of an old tattoo or scar?

Yes! Depends how dark the old tattoo is, it might need laser removal or not beforehand, and it would be suggested that the new tattoo is bigger than the old one. I haven't had much experience in covering bigger scars, though I'm open to the idea, so please don't hesitate to ask!

Can you do color or a touch of color?

For the most part, I'm comfortable doing black and grey. Unless the color parts are very small and work with the design, then why not! :)

Do you do touch up at all? How do I know I need one?

Yes of course. I believe all tattoos cannot be perfect and there will always be room for improvement, as our bodies, and skin age over time. I usually touch up my previous work when a client comes for their next session. If it's our last session, please message me so I could have a look if we need one or not.

Do you travel for work?

One of my goals would be to travel while working, depending on how many I have clients at the place then I would love to come to visit and work anywhere in the world. If I do, I will make sure to update my Instagram!

What are you enjoy working on?

I have a wide interest in subjects that I like to work on. From classic realism, floral, animals/pets, portraits, pop culture, and automotive. Different styles of art and tattoos such as realism, surrealism, traditional Asian, black works, and Chicano continuously inspire me. I always love the aesthetic of merging styles, which would be something I would love to try more in the future! 


Do you do an art commission?


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