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rose flowers chest tattoo


Z, also known as Zadia, specializes in black and grey realism tattoos. Her industry experience is evident in her technical skill and ability to translate your ideas into visually stunning body art that perfectly matches an individual's personality.

I design high-contrast tattoos with longevity and excellent healing in mind. Ensuring the design flows with your anatomy is a priority, whether I'm working on small or large pieces. The body isn't a 2D flat canvas; any movement in the design that enhances the artwork is crucial. I believe that, ultimately, you should wear your tattoo, not the other way around.

My work is based on your brilliant ideas, and with the creative freedom you give me, we can start our collaboration to create something unique on your skin.

Nothing is forever. Past decisions and tattoos that no longer appeal to you can potentially be fixed or covered up. If you're unsure about what to do, I'm here to guide you through the steps you can take.

The consultation provided is free of change. However, please give us notice if you no longer can make it for the appointment or need a reschedule.

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 GlassBird Tattoo Collective

3126 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 2A1

+1 (416) 604 8771


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